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  Release Date: Apr 21, 2017
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  Runtime: 90 min
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Free Fire is a British comedy drama film high on violence and tells the classic tale of ‘deals gone bad’ among a bunch of gangsters. Justine acts as a middleman between two parties involving Irish people with some local gang. Very little did he know that sides like to act brainless and the worse thing of all, they have a past with each other and they go long back. They don’t see eye to eye to each other and this itself is the biggest risk for the deal being a success. The meeting happens to be taking place inside a deserted warehouse, the deal goes bad and it’s all guns and bullets after that. The entire place becomes a pandemonium as the bullets starts flying from all over. It becomes a game of survival for everyone as they keep hiding and shooting each other. The film portrays some excessive violence but in a light hearted manner. The film features Olivia Wilde, Luke Evans, Armie Hammer, Cillian Murphy, and Michael Smiley in different roles.  Free Fire deals with the themes of crime, revenge, violence and the distrust in a criminal deal.


Free Fire is a comedy action film featuring the story about a gang war which takes place inside a warehouse thanks to a failed arms deal. Justine acts as a broker. He is the one who wants to make it big in the underworld and in order to be in the good books of both the gangs, he sets up the meeting. The meeting takes place inside the warehouse and just when the deal is about to take place, the firing erupts and the bullets start flying all around. The entire place turns into a pandemonium and it becomes a game of survival for all the gangsters.

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